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Puleo Financial Services

(561) 445 4208

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Welcome. I'm Paul Puleo, principal of Puleo Financial Services. I have been a licensed Registered Representative for over 26 years. My office is located in Boca Raton, Florida, halfway between Ft. Lauderdale and West Palm Beach. Many investment firms may sound alike, but I believe that we are different.

Our business focuses on servicing individual, conservative investors. We adhere to proven investment strategies in order to help build wealth, create a comfortable retirement, save for education and create a legacy for your heirs.

We do not chase the latest investment fad or hot stock. We adhere to proven investment strategies in order to build wealth, create a comfortable retirement, save for education and create a legacy for your heirs.  

 Our practice and client relationships have been built on these unwavering principles:

  • Trust: We invest our client's money as if it were my own.
  • Conservatism: We invest only in investment grade securities.
  • Unsurpassed client service: Our clients never talk to an assistant; only their dedicated advisor.
  • Attentive listening: Whether in face-to-face meetings or on the phone, our clients do most of the talking. Our recommendations are based on your concerns and goals and those of your family. 
  • No Wall Street jargon spoken here: We fully explain the potential benefits and pitfalls of each investment in terms that our clients can easily understand. 
  • Total accessibility: We are available after hours and weekends and we still make house calls.

As independent representatives we are free to work in the best interests of our clients. Together, we make our own investment decisions. We are focused on building wealth in a conservative manner. We believe that "capital preservation should always precede capital appreciation."

If our firm sounds like the type of organization that you would like to work with, simply click the "Contact" tab and call us at 561-445-4208. The conversation is free!


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